Eggplante BINGO: #XboxReveal Edition

Tomorrow is Microsoft’s much-hyped #XboxReveal. Not only is it being broadcast on, but also on Xbox Live and Spike TV.

It is only fitting, then, that we host the second in our Eggplante BINGO series, appropriately titled the #XboxReveal Edition!

As you might be used to, print out the card below, cross out the free space (or if you’re really fancy, use a bingo dauber), and have the card on standby as you watch the presentation. We’re not streaming it live here, but you can catch it in a few ways as we already mentioned.

As certain things happen in the show, mark off the appropriate square on the board. If you get a line, either diagonal, horizontal, or vertical, snap a picture and send it to us (either on Twitter or Facebook or email) and we’ll enter you in a draw to win one of two one-month subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold!

The contest is open to anyone in the world that we can ship to and doesn’t have weird laws about getting free stuff. We also want to make it fair for anyone who can’t catch the live stream, so we’ll keep the contest open until 6pm Wednesday, which should give you enough time to catch the event replay and perhaps any blots you missed!

We’ve done a test run of what we think the obvious things are and have tried to place tiles on the board in such a way that only one “out-there” chance has to happen for you to win. Basically, most of the middle squares are givens in our opinion, but anything can happen tomorrow!

Now, get that bingo card printed out and have it ready! In the meantime, we want to hear what you’re excited about from Microsoft’s event tomorrow!

XboxEvent Bingo