Remedy announces new IP called Quantum Break

Remedy LogoRemedy may not have had any news to share regarding future developments in the well-received Alan Wake series at the Xbox One reveal, but they did offer something else; An all-new IP! Microsoft confirmed that they would be launching fifteen exclusives out of their own Microsoft Games outfit in the first year of Xbox One, or, at least, that’s the plan. Eight of them will also be new IP’s, and with Forza Motorsport 5 being outed as one of the fifteen that is not a new IP, we have Remedy drawing back the curtain on the Xbox One’s first-announced all-new game property; Quantum Break.

What is Quantum Break? Is it an action-adventure? A shooter? An RPG? Something else entirely? Well, we don’t know at this point, and it seems Remedy wants it that way. What we can imagine however is that it will be a highly cinematic experience, which was hit home by the reveal trailer even beginning in live-action, before cutting to some slick-looking gameplay footage!

If the teaser is any indication, the game appears to be about shifts in time and space, and how they can cause disaster for our society pretty quickly. A little girl appears to demonstrate the ability to alter the displacement of physical objects, which just happens to be a massive ship that rips through a bridge after moving a few feet forward instantaneously. Yikes. It remains unclear whether the power is present in others, or just this little girl, but one thing is certain; Quantum Break is going to put players in quite a harrowing predicament!

Quantum Break does also appear to be joining Defiance in the initiative to blend gaming and television into one medium. Whether this means that Quantum Break will be an online-mandatory game, as Defiance is, is currently unclear however. What has been solidly confirmed however is that the events of the game will influence the show, and vice-versa. In other words, it’s exactly like Defiance in that respect, which may underwhelm some, since that was a game that’s pretty easily able to run on the current-gen Xbox 360.


Nonetheless, the fact that Microsoft is addressing widespread complaints about a lack of compelling exclusive properties compared to Sony and Nintendo, is fantastic news out of the gate! If the new properties follow Quantum Break’s example, they’ll likely continue to serve the idea of video games and television becoming a single medium, with the recently-announced Halo television series also likely being a springboard for this initiative.

News on a release window for Quantum Break is unconfirmed at this time, and Remedy hasn’t said whether it’s meant as a launch title, or as a game releasing beyond the Xbox One’s debut later this year. Regardless of just what this mysterious little project manifests as, Eggplante will be phasing in more news on Quantum Break as it’s available!