EA showing off Star Wars plans at E3

EAlogoElectronic Arts has come out today and said that they will be bringing their plans for the future of theĀ Star Wars franchise (in video games, at least) to E3 in a few weeks.

We don’t know much of what they’re doing other than that they have new games that are “entirely original with all new stories and gameplay.”

Of course, EA showed off four games at Microsoft’s Xbox One event yesterday, but we’re expecting them to show up at Sony’s presser to unveil some other titles they’ve got in the over.

All eyes will be on Electronic Arts this summer as the company dodges likely complaints about their launch of SimCity and desire to increase the price of games while also making them go always-online.

They just might be able to make us forget about those things, however, if they pull a rabbit out of their hat and really impress us with someĀ Star Wars gaming goodness. We’re not actually expecting much, however, seeing as they just got the license, but we do foresee at least a logo or two hyping some new more-than-three-years-away title.

Stay tuned for our coverage at E3 2013! EA’s Press Conference is June 10th, the same day as Microsoft’s and Sony’s pressers, so keep your eyes peeled in just under three weeks!