We’re the Millers: another stoner comedy

We’re not huge fans of stoner comedies. They tend to be too over the top and have such ludicrously exaggerated story lines that no one could even fathom anything in them could actually happen.

Then again, stoners don’t exactly see straight sometimes, and these ideas might just be within the realm of possibility for some people.

Does this woman ever NOT look stunning?
Does this woman ever NOT look stunning?

Enter We’re the Millers, a stoner comedy starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms, and Nick Offerman, hitting theatres August 9th.

The plot goes something like this: Ed Helms’ character is a (ridiculously) loaded magnate who tasks Jason Sudeikis to smuggle “a bit” of pot into the US. In order to cross the border believably, Sudeikis’ character hires Aniston, a stripper, to play his wife, and a punk kid to play his teenage daughter.

Hilarity ensues when the “family” ends up realizing that the “bit” of pot they’re picking up is probably closer to the weight of a baby seal, and that they’re picking it up from a drug cartel, not your regular dealer on the corner.

There are sure to be some ridiculous moments in We’re The Millers, and most of them will probably be less believable than they will be plausible, but by the same token, the trailer has some decently funny bits that might make the film worth checking out.

Let us know what you think of We’re the Millers if you happen to see it when it arrives in theatres August 9th.