Dark Souls II gameplayOne thing I loved about Dark Souls was how proudly it lived up to its infamous slogan, “Prepare to Die.” Love it or hate it, this game invited you into its cruel world with open arms, and offered valuable rewards amidst the chaos.  What was most intriguing about this game was the nostalgic levels of difficulty and remarkable addictiveness. Dark Souls offered a fresh, ruthless experience unlike most games today.

Luckily, Dark Souls II lives up to the infamy. Much like its predecessor, From Software has a way of instilling both fear and respect into each encounter.  Each battle, big or small, could potentially be your last so maintaining a keen eye on your environment and your enemy’s timing are key to mastering that one battle. If you’ve played Dark Souls or Demon’s Souls you know exactly what I mean.

The game does offer a few new features, like enemies that can smash through pieces of the environment, revamped character customization, new items and carrying torches to illuminate dark passages. The destructible environments in particular are sure to be a nuisance, especially after the “cheats” so many of us used when encountering a Prowling Demon or fighting the Ceaseless Discharge boss.

Dark Souls II maintains the same sense of discovery as its predecessor and never holds back on the difficulty either. This is sure to be an adventure you’ll never forget. Dark Souls II will be released this coming March on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

What do you think of Dark Souls II? Love it? Hate it?  Let us know in the comments below.

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