Dragon's CrownVanillaware is back with its signature 2D style and vibrant environments for an all new adventure, Dragon’s Crown. If you’re partial to beat ’em ups, this game is full of that addictive, arcadey action you played growing up.

I’ll be honest, I am a total sucker for beat ’em ups.  Sit me down with a beer and some friends and I’ll have the time of my life. Sometimes beat ’em ups can be a little too chaotic, especially with four players on-screen at once, but Dragon’s Crown seems to handle well with its distinct, oftentimes exaggerated, characters.

That said, in true Golden Axe form, Dragon’s Crown even features its own unique mounts for you to ride.  Whether fire-spitting velociraptors or giant panthers, you’ll be unstoppable on one of these ferocious beasts.  The action honestly couldn’t get more fun and outrageous.

And if the chaotic gameplay isn’t enough to whet your appetite, try the beautiful, hand-drawn art.  The environments are vividly lush and the character design is full of charm and personality, a play on your archetypical team.  Vanillaware has always been a developer driven by its unique artistic vision while offering nostalgic play experiences along the way.  Dragon’s Crown lives up to that focus in every way.

Dragon’s Crown will be released August 6 on the PS3 and PS Vita.  What do you think of Vanillaware’s latest adventure?  Let us know in the comments below!

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