Lightning Returns offers (virtual) Cloud Strife costume for pre-orders

Lightning Returns- Final Fantasy XIII - Promo ArtDespite all of that fan petitioning, Square Enix still isn’t keen on moving ahead with an HD remake of legendary PlayStation RPG, Final Fantasy VII any time soon. They’re not completely turning a deaf ear to pleas however, as the Japanese mega-publisher has just settled on a pre-order incentive for their upcoming follow-up, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It’s something that series fans will definitely want too!

Those who reserve their copy of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII ahead of its release at participating retailers, will receive a DLC code that allows them to download a Cloud Strife costume for protagonist, Lightning. The ‘ex-SOLDIER First Class’ costume will not only give Lightning the attire of Final Fantasy VII’s famous main character, but even the victory pose and iconic Buster Sword weapon as well! Square Enix has even teased that the costume may unlock some of Cloud’s abilities for Lightning, but have refused to elaborate at this point.

Pre-orders will also net a ‘Lightning Samurai Set’, which comes with several other costumes and exclusive items. The costumes each come with their own unique abilities, but when you have the potential of Omnislash at your disposal, what else is there? Exactly.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, for those unaware, is the third and final chapter of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, so far comprising 2010’s Final Fantasy XIII and 2012’s Final Fantasy XIII-2. It will shift gears somewhat by making Lightning the sole playable character, and featuring her continually re-living the end of the game world as she attempts to change history and eliminate the untimely fate of existence. Yes, comparisons to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask are inevitable.

Fans will have plenty of time to place their pre-order deposits thankfully, as Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was recently pushed away from a planned late 2013 release, and will now instead come out on February 11th, 2014. The game will launch simultaneously on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with pre-order incentives being identical for both platforms.

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Lightning Returns- Final Fantasy XIII - Preorder Art