Colossal Xbox One makes final stop in Toronto; Roman warriors imminent?

image001 1.42.08 PM

Microsoft has made a habit of lugging this massive Xbox One across the country, and it looks like it has made its final stop in Toronto at Yonge-Dundas Square before the console launches this Friday.

Taking cues from the Vancouver and Montreal sightings, you use your Xbox Live Gamertag to unlock and open the console at the Xbox One Source website.

The unveiling in Vancouver let loose a pile of rabid zombies from Dead Rising 3, the one in Montreal sped open with some exotic super cars a la Forza Motorsport 5, but we don’t know what will appear when the Toronto console opens its doors. We can only assume we’ll be treated to a siege in front of the Eaton Center as Roman warriors from Ryse: Son of Rome emerge and begin fighting amongst each other.

Take a look at the massive Xbox One and make sure you do your part to get that thing open at the Xbox One Source site. You’ll also be entering to win yourself an Xbox One and a bunch of games, among other things, so hop to it now!