Sony teasing “slimmest” PlayStation device announcement

We just got the next iteration of PlayStation, and months before that, a redesigned PlayStation Vita hit the market, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping Sony from announcing something new.

The teaser announcement (below) vaguely hints at the slimmest PlayStation device ever, at least for the UK.

We’d like to think this is a redesigned PlayStation 4, just because that would be awesome, but not really practical or even within the realm of possibility. It also wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever.

However, logic leads us to believe that this announcement will focus on either the slimmer PlayStation Vita that’s been floating around in Japan or the PlayStation Vita TV which has also only been floating around in Japan.┬áThe Vita TV is certainly a lot slimmer than any other PlayStation device, and the redesigned Vita is the slimmest in that product family.

Either way, we’ll bring you the latest on January 30th as we get reports from the UK on what gets announced by Sony. Stay tuned!