Nintendo details Mario Gold: World Tour DLC, season pass

After a lengthy delay, 3DS players will soon be able to tee off with the Mushroom Kingdom in Mario Golf: World Tour. Even better, is that they’ll be able to keep their greens busy with plenty of DLC after the game launches.

Nintendo has outlined their plans for Mario Golf: World Tour DLC, most surprising of which is the fact that the game will come with a Season Pass! Nintendo has largely shied away from Season Passes on their platforms, with even third-party games like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Injustice: Gods Among Us not offering them on Nintendo platforms, unlike competing PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Mario Golf: World Tour appears to be bucking that trend.

The Mario Golf: World Tour Season Pass will be set at $14.99 on the 3DS eShop, offering a slight discount on the cost to download each of the three $5.99 DLC packs individually.

Mario Golf- World Tour - Gameplay 1

The first DLC pack, the Mushroom Pack, will be available from launch day. The second, the Flower Pack, will launch later in May. The third and final offering, the Star Pack, will arrive some time in June.

Every DLC pack adds two new 18-hole courses to Mario Golf: World Tour, along with a new playable character. The Mushroom Pack offers Toadette, the Flower Pack provides Nabbit, and the Star Pack features Rosalina.

Nintendo has also announced that anyone who purchases a Season Pass will get exclusive early access to another bonus character, Gold Mario, originally featured in New Super Mario Bros. 2. Gold Mario has the ability to generate coins for every yard he manages to move his ball, thanks to a special ability called the Golden Flower Shot. The character will eventually be available to download separately, though Nintendo didn’t confirm when this would be, or how much Gold Mario would cost if purchased standalone.

If you want to try the new courses before dropping the money on them, Nintendo will also offer ‘Trial Tournaments’ where players can compete online on trial versions of some of the new courses. Apparently, these Trial Tournaments will merely provide a ‘sample’ of the DLC course offerings, though details were a bit vague at the time of this announcement.

Mario Golf: World Tour will be available both physically at retail and digitally on the 3DS eShop very soon, on May 2nd. It will share that release date with another first-party Nintendo offering coming to Nintendo 3DS, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, a new side-scrolling platformer entry for the defender of Dream Land.

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