E3 Trailer: Let It Die

During tonight’s Sony Press Conference we got a dose of SUDA 51’s latest game, Let It Die. While the trailer didn’t divulge too much about the gameplay or concept at hand, it was all SUDA with his trademark gratuitous violence, quirky appeal and overall creative drive.

Let It Die spoke to the senses and kept us wanting more; and, frankly, that’s something to appreciate. Very much an auteur in the video game industry, SUDA knows what he wants and goes for it. Although his direction has become more refined over the years, he’s never had to compromise his creative direction in the process.¬†Easily one of the most refreshing talents in this industry.

Let It Die will be a PS4 exclusive. No news yet on release date, but we’ll let you know once the time comes!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0t3ajWCT8U]