Ubisoft introduces new fitness title ‘Shape Up’

It would appear that the Xbox One’s Kinect is not being entirely abandoned after all. Ubisoft announced at their E3 2014 keynote today that they have partnered up with Microsoft to deliver Shape Up, a fitness game/minigame collection that hopes it can get gamers more interested in fitness by presenting scores and eccentric challenges.

This could potentially represent an evolution of Ubisoft’s former Kinect-powered fitness series, Your Shape.

Ubisoft demonstrated the game by pitting an employee from Ubisoft San Francisco against an employee from Ubisoft Paris, with the San Francisco developer coming out on top in a contest of push-ups that involved various objects being dropped on their avatars on-screen. Another minigame demonstrated involved stepping on piano keys to a licensed song (“Eye of the Tiger” was played for the demo), in a similar vein as Guitar Hero or Rock Band… Just with your feet.

Another minigame not demonstrated at the conference involves running along a train and punching criminals. Frankly, we’re surprised that the Raving Rabbids didn’t get into this game in the end!

Shape Up launches this November, exclusively for Xbox One. Check back with us for important updates related to this offbeat fitness offering.