E3: Ubisoft unveils ‘Just Dance 2015’ in the worst way ever

With much excitement circulating around this year’s E3, there have been some very notable hits and misses. Every announce can be exciting- I remember sitting in a theatre when they teased a brand new Godzilla film, and I was so excited I couldn’t sleep the night after knowing what was on it’s way. That was a hit. A very defined miss, however, was when I watched a trailer for Saw 6. I had to go see a doctor immediately because my stomach wouldn’t stop turning. Did they really need 6 movies to explain the origin of a ‘mastermind’? No. A great film sums it up in single movie or a trilogy at most. But I digress. I think.

Let me bring forth a moment during Ubisoft’s conference and attach to it a personal suggestion: Never; never apologize to the audience! That was the one mistake Ubisoft presenter Aisha Tyler made before bringing out the company’s latest effort: Just Dance 2015.

The intro kicked off with Aisha apologizing for song used in the upcoming trailer, followed with an attempt to salvage the moment with a positive, reinforced pat on the back. The trailer begins and the audience is blown away. Out of their seats. On a washroom break. Until the trailer finishes. I think that was a pretty accurate play-by-play!

The Just Dance video featured several (new?) functions and eye candies that sucker the buyer into a new version of Just Dance. A new Community feature was brought into the spotlight that allowed the player at home to be included on the background video. Now you can dance to clips of strangers trying to dance! You might get the extra workout on your body’s core by laughing at what I imagine to be troll footage that will soon flood the video game’s songs.

This is the move that ends relationships.
This is the move that ends relationships.

In the end, do we really need another Just Dance? No. Sorry.