The first time I saw Sunset Overdrive at Microsoft’s Press Conference I was filled with a rush of wonder.  There was something about the blend of Tony Hawk Pro Skater rail grinding, Crazy Taxi shenanigans or Dead Rising combat variety that got my heart racing. Insomniac Game’s self-realized mash-up looks better than ever with its balls to the walls action and vibrant backdrop. Sure, Sunset Overdrive is nonsensical as ever, but in the most endearing way.

The sandbox action game will launch with an 8-player cooperative experience called Chaos Mode. The studio first teased last month that the game will allow people to play cooperatively online. For that added replay value, the studio plans to add plenty of updates to the mix as well.

Sunset Overdrive will be hitting the Xbox One on October 28. Will be sure to give you more details about this awesome game as the time comes!

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