Bungie details PlayStation-exclusive content in Destiny

Despite their long history developing the initial Halo games for Microsoft, it’s PlayStation gamers that will be in for an extra special experience after they pick up Bungie’s new IP, Destiny in September. This is due to exclusive content promised for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions of the anticipated MMO shooter.

Destiny - Gameplay 2Finally, we now know what that content will be as well! Anyone purchasing the game on a PlayStation console will receive an exclusive Mars-set strike mission, “The Dust Palace Strike”, a three player co-op mission where you track a Cabal extraction team through an ancient skyscraper. PlayStation gamers will also receive an exclusive competitive map, “Exodus Blue”, which works best with Skirmish and Control play modes.

As if that weren’t enough, Bungie is even throwing in a few exclusive pieces of equipment for the PlayStation faithful. Depending on your class, you’ll either get: Manifold Seeker Armour (Warlock), Vanir Armour (Titan), or Argus Armour (Hunter).

These are certainly generous incentives for simply opting to purchase the game on a PlayStation console! Unfortunately, none of these bonuses are being offered at all to players buying Destiny for Xbox platforms.

Destiny has already offered yet another exclusive perk for PlayStation 4 owners beforehand, a since-concluded first-look alpha that presents an isolated selection of gameplay, thus allowing PlayStation 4 gamers accepted from sign-ups to test out their preferred character class, the shooting mechanics, vehicle mechanics, and a vertical slice of smaller missions. The alpha was announced to be going live immediately after the conclusion of Sony’s E3 2014 press conference, and was one of the first announcements that the PlayStation maker made at their keynote.Destiny - Gameplay

Unfortunately, if you participated in the alpha, your character is going to be wiped, and you’ll have to make a new one for the public beta, beginning on July 17th. With that said, the public beta won’t be limited to PlayStation 4, and will also be offered on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Anyone who pre-ordered Destiny at participating retailers will receive priority access to the beta, regardless of their platform of choice, along with a small boost in the speed and defenses of their rapid deployment vehicles that help them navigate the game world.

Destiny marks the beginning of a decade-long contract between Bungie and publisher, Activision. The online-only first-person shooter aims to be an evolution of both social gameplay and the first-person shooter genre, having an emphasis on teaming up with friends as one of three character classes, the melee-focused Titan, special technique-focused Warlock or range-focused Hunter, and undertaking missions as some of the last guardians of the final standing city on a futuristic Earth, ravaged by alien threats.

The final retail build of Destiny will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 9th.

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