Wave Blue PlayStation 4 controller releases this Fall

Looking to add a bit more colour to your slate of PlayStation 4 controllers? You’re in luck! Sony has just confirmed that PlayStation 4 owners in North America can get their hands on the Wave Blue Dual Shock 4 controller this Fall.

Unfortunately, a potential release plan for the Magma Red controller announced simultaneously with the Wave Blue controller is still unknown at this point. It was presumed that the re-colourings would release at the same time, but so far, only the Wave Blue design is being given a release window in the West. Both controller colourings are already available in Japan.

Regardless, the Wave Blue controller will be sold for the usual $59.99 price that all PlayStation 4 controllers command at retail.

Destiny BundleSony has also confirmed plans to launch Urban Camouflage and Glacier White controllers for the PlayStation 4 this Fall as well. The Glacier White controller will not only be sold separately, but also be included along with the re-coloured white PlayStation 4 console, which will launch on September 9th in a bundle with Activision and Bungie’s highly anticipated online first-person shooter, Destiny.

Will you be picking up re-coloured PlayStation 4 controllers, or are you happy with the initial black design? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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