Sony Pictures dates Uncharted and Sinister Six, delays The Amazing Spider-Man 3

UPDATE: An added bit of good news for Marvel’s True Believers! With The Amazing Spider-Man 4 now being indefinitely delayed and potentially axed at this point, Marvel Studios has confirmed that they have green-lit an additional movie set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to take its place as a Summer kick-off on May 4th, 2018. This means that, like 2017, 2018 will now see three movies set in the MCU instead of the usual two, though obviously, Marvel Studios had no details to give regarding what this new mystery film may turn out to be. Regardless, it’s good news that Marvel’s sacred Summer blockbuster kick-off tradition is being preserved in 2018. This also clarifies that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 will not in fact take the May 4th date, and will release at some other point in 2018.

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There’s two bits of good news and some rather crushing bad news regarding some highly anticipated tentpole movies to come from Sony Pictures.

The Amazing Spider-Man - Villain TeaseFirst, some of the good news. Sinister Six, a villain-centric spin-off to Sony and Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man movies, has been given a release date! The ensemble blockbuster will come to theatres on November 11th, 2016. No casting, plot details or anything else has been confirmed for Sinister Six at this time, including exactly which six Spidey villains will comprise the titular team, though Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods) is set to write and direct the movie.

Before you get too excited about having two Spider-Man-themed flicks in one year however, you’d best reel in some of your joy. The Sinister Six date being set does come with the aforementioned bad news; The Amazing Spider-Man 3 has been delayed, and delayed for quite a while. It will now come to theatres at some unspecified date in 2018.

Worse still is that this delay means that The Amazing Spider-Man 4, previously set for release on May 4th, 2018, has been delayed indefinitely, or perhaps even cancelled outright. Given that current Spider-Man actor, Andrew Garfield is apparently only contracted for three movies, let alone the rest of the recurring cast, it already seemMarvel Comics - Sinister Sixed like Sony Pictures was jumping the gun by placing a fourth The Amazing Spider-Man movie in Marvel’s usual Summer blockbuster kick-off date for 2018. Now, it’s unclear as to whether The Amazing Spider-Man 3 will just release on that date instead, or if Sony Pictures will have to revise their plans for their big screen template of The Web-Slinger’s rebooted saga.

Regardless, there is another positive bit of news out of the studio, and this one is independent of old Webhead. After many years in development hell, the long-gestating feature film adaptation of Sony’s own Uncharted video games has finally gotten a release date, being placed in the now-vacated June 10th, 2016 slot. Yes, this was the date originally planned for The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Uncharted 3 - GameplayUncharted has no plot details nor cast at this point, though the studio is believed to still be wanting to court Mark Wahlberg for the lead role of Nathan Drake. Wahlberg was once attached to play the part, back when Uncharted was being written and directed by David O. Russell, before he departed the project. Bear in mind however that Wahlberg’s and Sony’s reps alikes have stated that no official negotiations have begun from either side, following Uncharted finally being given a release date.

For those unfamiliar, Uncharted is a cinematic action-adventure game series with third-person shooting elements that made its debut in 2007 on the PlayStation 3. It has seen two sequels on the PlayStation 3, both a prequel and card-based spin-off for PlayStation Vita , and finally, has an apparent series climax in development for PlayStation 4. The series follows wisecracking treasure hunter, Nathan Drake on a series of globetrotting adventures, getting into trouble with the world’s most powerful and unsavoury villains, and seeking the paths to history’s most hidden, and dangerous spoils.Uncharted 2 - Promo Art

Spider-Man film producer, Avi Arad is still on board to produce the Uncharted movie, with Safe House’s David Guggenheim writing the script, and Seth Gordon of Horrible Bosses fame currently set to direct.

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