SDCC 2014: Telltale confirms The Walking Dead: Season Three

The Walking Dead: Season Two has yet to wrap, but already, Telltale is thinking about the future of their ultra-popular narrative-driven adventure game series. At this year’s Comic-Con, they confirmed that, yes, they will make The Walking Dead: Season Three.

The Walking Dead - Gameplay 2Obviously, no confirmation relating to plot or characters was given on The Walking Dead: Season Three, particularly considering that there’s still one episode yet to be released for The Walking Dead: Season Two. This past week saw the release of the penultimate fourth episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two, Amid the Ruins, with the fifth and final episode, No Going Back likely releasing some time in September, if Telltale’s timetable stays consistent.

Given that Telltale is also at work on Borderlands spin-off, Tales from the Borderlands, and an adventure game based on the world of novel and television sensation, Game of Thrones, it’s likely that we won’t see The Walking Dead: Season Three until towards the end of 2015, at the earliest. Still, it’s great to know that the conclusion of Clementine’s current story arc won’t mark the end of Telltale’s smash hit run on the post-apocalyptic zombie franchise.The Walking Dead - Gameplay 3

You can download the four current episodes of The Walking Dead: Season Two for PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, and iOS, with retail editions expected for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360 before the end of this year. New editions of The Walking Dead: Season Two are also in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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