Halo 2 Anniversary Edition cutscenes look gorgeous

It’s no secret that we love Halo and everything to do with it, so when we found out about Halo: The Master Chief Collection back in June at E3 2014, we were more than a little excited.

When we found out that Blur was the company behind the remastering of all the cinematic cutscenes from the game, we were stoked.

This week, a video showcasing the new cutscenes has hit the web, and it shows off some of the most masterful renderings in video games we’ve ever seen. It looks like a mix between live action and CG animation, and while we don’t really know for sure, there’s probably some pixie dust in there somewhere.

Speech matches mouth movements, holograms look more real than they ever have, and it’s just damn pretty. So why are you still reading this? Go forth and upwards, and click the play button!