Nintendo confirms Bayonetta 2 release date

Previously confirmed simply for an October 2014 release, Nintendo has just clarified that players in Canada and the U.S. can specifically expect Bayonetta 2 on October 24th. Release dates for other territories aren’t yet confirmed at this time.

Bayonetta 2 - Gameplay 1Bayonetta 2, unlike its predecessor, is completely exclusive to Nintendo’s Wii U. The game will follow its title witch as she pursues her abducted rival, Jeanne, whose soul has been dragged into Inferno. Thus, Bayonetta receives a tip on a possible entrance to Inferno, and jumps right into the heart of demonkind in an effort to reclaim her ally.

As a great added bonus, Bayonetta 2 will also include the original Bayonetta right on the disc, free of charge! The game was previously released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2010, where it was met with highly positive reviews, and has since become developer, PlatinumGames’ highest-selling game at this point. Not only is the entire first game coming to Wii U right on its sequel’s disc, but it will also include exclusive new extras, including costumes inspired by Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Metroid for Bayonetta to wear during the game!Bayonetta 2 - Gameplay 2

Since Nintendo is publishing the game themselves, after rescuing it from cancellation, following original publisher, Sega passing on it, it’s unlikely that Bayonetta 2 will ever release on any other platforms besides Wii U. Despite incessant fan demand for PlayStation and Xbox releases of the sequel, PlatinumGames has dashed any hopes, saying that Nintendo’s heavy investment in the project is almost certain to always limit it to its initial Wii U release. Great news for Nintendo gamers however, since the Wii U could certainly use more action-packed core games for mature audiences!

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