Sunset Overdrive free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers tomorrow

Forget demos. How about the whole game?

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has confirmed that¬†Sunset Overdrive will be free for Xbox Live subscribers on November 22nd as part of the company’s celebrations of the first anniversary of Xbox One.

All features of the game will be unlocked, so it should theoretically be completable within that time, but¬†achievements and progress will be saved should some players like to take a more casual approach and pick up the game once they’ve sunk their teeth into it.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, as Microsoft could have a winning strategy on their hands. Releasing an entire game as a demo isn’t entirely unheard of–Destiny did it last week–but game demos have become a rarity in the past few years.

Starting tonight at midnight EST, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download the over-20GB file and get to Chaos Squad right away.

Unsure if you should pick the game up? Check out Brent’s review of Sunset¬†Overdrive.