IGN mainstays Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty are leaving their home turf of IGN in favour of new opportunities in the form of Kinda Funny, a new Patreon-funded entertainment venture.

Alongside Miller and Moriarty are Nick Scarpino and Tim Gettys, former video producers at IGN.

Patreon is a crowd-funded subscription service that lets content providers like YouTubers and podcasters earn a living by having their listeners and viewers pay for what they want to see. This morning, the Kinda Funny Patreon page had about $5,000 per month in pledges, while it is currently sitting around $14,000 monthly. Over the past few months, the Patreon has brought in about $30,000 cumulatively.

The move away from IGN was founded out of a desire to talk about what they want to talk about. Speaking with Polygon, Miller says they’ve “had a lot of support from fans just talking about things no one really cares about, like hot dogs. Now we can talk about the things that we are really known for, like games, comics, Superman and Mega Man.”

The new content that Miller and company are offering includes daily podcasts, video streams of current and upcoming games, Twitch streams, Let’s Play videos, and YouTube shows. Pledging on Patreon gives subscribers early access to the weekly content such as videos and audiocasts.

Kinda Funny can be found via their website, or on YouTube, Vimeo, and of course, Patreon.

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