Zelda Wii U to be packed with side-missions

While we’re used to a certain formula with the Zelda series, the Wii U version of the title seems to be taking a slightly different direction with the series.

The game, which is said to be the first open-world Zelda since the original (if you can truly call that an open world Zelda game), is also said to have an abundance of lengthy side-missions according to series frontman Shigeru Miyamoto.

In an interview with iJustine, Mr. Miyamoto explained that the game would contain side-missions so elaborate that “there may even be times where you forget what your goal is because you’re doing other things on the side.” This is a great sign for those worried that the game would still launch in 2015, as it means that multiple side-quests are not only under development, but they’re already being tested for length (and hopefully quality).

Traditional side-quests in Zelda involve a linear path in which a series of dungeons is punctuated by a fetch quest or a skill challenge. Mr. Miyamoto also elaborated on how these missions could sometimes pop up out of nowhere. “There may be times where you go into one big, long dungeon or there may be times where you’re headed to a dungeon, and you’re doing other things along the side.”

Of course, we have no idea what kind of side-missions to expect, though we don’t love the idea of more soup-delivery a la Skyward Sword. Cucco collection is fair game though, especially if it nets us one of those fine bottles. Everybody loves them bottles.

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U is set to hit the console this holiday.