iZombie has been renewed for Season Two

After renewing their entire Fall TV lineup for new seasons early a couple of months ago, The CW has issued confirmation that their surprise hit new midseason series, iZombie has now received a renewal itself. The combination detective serial/comic book drama/horror comedy from the brains (ahem) behind Veronica Mars will return for Season Two. It’s also believed that iZombie will be moving to a full Fall series order later this year, not returning for another shortened midseason bow.

iZombie - Footage 1iZombie is loosely adapted from the Vertigo comic book series of the same name, with Vertigo being a subsidiary graphic novel imprint of DC Comics. Since it’s under the Vertigo label however, iZombie as both a comic and a TV series doesn’t take place in the DC Universe. The TV series stars Rose McIver as Liv Moore, a woman who is turned into a zombie after escaping a party gone bad, subsequently working as a coroner for the Seattle Police Department, devouring the brains of the cadavers as sustenance, which also allows her to assist in solving murder cases, due to inheriting the memories of the late victims. Liv also takes on the personalities of said victims after eating their brains as well, which can both help and hinder her, depending on the situation.

The CW’s continued push to adapting DC Comics-related media for their catalogue of shows has continued to pay off in a big way with iZombie. The show is one of the most acclaimed dark horse successes of the midseason TV lineup on any network this year, boasting strong ratings and positive feedback from both critics and viewers, with our own reviews of each episode also being highly positive. iZombie is currently the third most-watched show on The CW, with Arrow currently boasting the second-best ratings, and The Flash currently holding the highest ratings on the network overall, despite also being a new series. Both Arrow and The Flash are also adapted from DC comic books, albeit ones that take place in the mainline DC Universe in those cases.iZombie - Footage 2

Unlike the self-contained iZombieArrow and The Flash also inhabit a shared DC Television Universe together, which plans to welcome both an animated spin-off, Vixen later this year, and another live-action ensemble spin-off, rumoured to be titled Legends, in midseason 2016.

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