In its Splatoon Direct presentation this morning, Nintendo announced a ton of new information for its upcoming non-violent squid-based shooter Splatoon.

A full roundup will be posted soon, but here are the main details:

  • Global Testfire, a beta period of sorts for the game, will go live this Friday and Saturday but only in one hour chunks in the US and Canada.
  • Splatfest, a 24-hour long event on June 20th will be a global multiplayer event hosted by two squid characters in the game, Callie and Marie.
  • Party matchmaking and custom games will arrive in August with a game update.
  • New maps, modes, and weapons will be made available post-launch, indicating Nintendo’s continued plan to release downloadable content for its franchises.
  • Splatoon amiibo will unlock NES-style minigames to be played within the game.

Of course, as more and more details become available, we’ll have them for you right here on Eggplante! Stay tuned for our full Splatoon Direct Roundup and grab the game when it launches on May 29th!

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