On the E3 show floor, Nintendo’s booth is showing off some brand new amiibo, including some new unreleased amiibo cards for Animal Crossing.

Until this point, the variety of the cards remained up in the air. Some questions are answered today, however.

Some of the cards on display are indeed holographic, while others are a more common matte finish. The cards range in number from 001 through 019, though we’ve seen a number as high as 097 before.

The holographic finish is throughout the whole card, not a specific section like some Pokémon or Magic: The Gathering cards, though the designs are listed as not final at this stage. The ones on display only appear to be compatible with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, which was announced this morning during Nintendo’s Digital Event, as opposed to having any functionality on the upcoming 3DS title Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

Take a look at some shots of the cards and we’ll bring you all the latest from Nintendo at E3 2015!


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