Hyrule Warriors: Legends for 3DS confirmed

A leak last week virtually guaranteed that we’d be seeing Hyrule Warriors hit the Nintendo 3DS this year, and this morning’s Digital Event, unsurprisingly, confirmed that for everyone.

The game is called Hyrule Warriors: Legends and is a ported experience from the Wii U onto Nintendo’s portable console.

In addition to all the content for the standalone Wii U game, players will have access to its bigger brother’s DLC catalog as well as two new characters from The Wind Waker: Tetra, and the King of Red Lions. The game’s developer is also working on new stages for the game that will be exclusive, at least for the initial launch, to the portable version of the game. Team Ninja is working alongside Koei Tecmo to bring Legends to 3DS.

In January, Nintendo announced that they had shipped over a million copies of the first game in the series, which likely influenced their decision to craft a portable experience.

Hyrule Warriors was a welcome diversion from the main Zelda franchise and seems like it would fit on the portable console quite well. We will of course let you know if that turns out to be the case with our full review when the game launches.

Hyrule Warriors: Legends arrives on Nintendo 3DS in early 2016. For a Zelda title before that, have a look at Triforce Heroes, a co-op adventure due out for 3DS later this year.