Yoshi’s Woolly World is coming on October 16th

yoshis_woolly_world_na_boxartNintendo has finally announced a release date for Yoshi’s Woolly World, and it’s coming to digital download and retail disc on October 16th, exclusively on Wii U.

The game has been featured by Nintendo for the past two and a half years, beginning with its unveiling in a Nintendo Direct in early 2013. Since then, we’ve seen the game skip E3 2013 only to reappear in 2014 when we were fortunate enough to sit down with series director Takashi Tezuka to talk about the game.

When Yoshi’s Woolly World launches, it will come with amiibo support for adorable little plush amiibo figures that will bring a different material to the toys-to-life genre. Nintendo has announced that it also plans to make amiibo cards for its upcoming Animal Crossing titles, further differentiating its NFC offering from Disney’s and Activision’s who make Infinity and Skylanders, respectively.

When Woolly World finally launches in October, we’ll have a full review, and we will set up a giveaway of some Yoshi amiibo as we near the game’s release.

Be sure to check out our pre-E3 impressions of the game, and stay tuned for a more comprehensive look at it in the near future!