Killzone developer announces new PlayStation 4 IP, ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’

Guerilla Games has made a name for themselves on the gritty and violent first-person shooter series, Killzone. The company announced a little while back however that they wished to take a short break from Killzone, and instead try their hand at making a new IP.

HZD - Gameplay 1At tonight’s PlayStation E3 conference, we got our first look at Guerilla’s new game IP, which is being called, ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn‘. Unlike Killzone, it’s a bright and stylized world that is a unique blend of Indigenous themes and sci-fi content.

Upon starting a live demo of the game running on PlayStation 4 hardware, Guerilla showed off the game’s main character, a tribal-styled young woman, who appears to live in a post-apocalyptic world where an ancient civilization’s machine creations have taken over a large part of the nearby territory. The machines seem to resemble large and imposing animals akin to dinosaurs, which the players are able to hunt.

The demo appeared to combine elements of platforming, exploration and stealth, with the heroine attempting to hide in foliage, trying to evade the sight of robotic Watchers. She’s eventually spotted however, and must use a bow loaded with trick arrows, including explosives, to fight against the hostile machines. After taking out some smaller enemies, she takes on a larger T-Rex-like robot, eventually taking it down with some tense dodging and clever tactics. The demo ends with the girl about to be attacked by a robotic pterodactyl, before it cuts to the game logo.HZD - Logo

Horizon: Zero Dawn looks to be shaping up as a wonderful new IP for the PlayStation catalogue, and a very promising departure from Guerilla’s usual stomping grounds. The game doesn’t currently have a release date set.

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