Hello Games surprised everyone last year with their title No Man’s Sky and its ability to capture the imagination and surprise audiences around the world.

The game’s massively open universe is a feat of technical engineering and the randomly generated worlds are virtually unquantifiable.

The goal is to get to the centre of the galaxy by discovering and exploring new worlds that no one has likely ever seen. Drop beacons for communications and explore planets with new creatures, land formations, and extra-terrestrial life. Planets are also completely destructible, though there are sentinels that guard the space rocks from unwanted explorers like the player in question.

The demo that Sean Murray gave showed off the huge amount of suns in the universe that Hello Games has created. Each of them, he said, has its own life and ecology, making the four pillars of the game–trading, fighting, exploring, and surviving–that much more interesting.

With no release date mentioned (Murray says they’ll announce it “soon), the gameplay does show off multiple planets as well as walking, underwater, and space flying within the game.

Perhaps our favourite part of it is that each planet is named by some sort of AI on the backend of the game. Each name is predictably alien-like, but it is pretty astounding to know that no two planets would ever carry the same name.

We expect No Man’s Sky sometime in early 2016, though we wouldn’t be surprised should it be pushed to next holiday season.

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