The Division gets release date, beta details

At long last, a release is in sight for the frequently-delayed and highly ambitious real-world post-apocalyptic MMORPG, Tom Clancy’s The Division. Ubisoft confirmed during their E3 conference today that The Division will simultaneously hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, on March 8th, 2016. This follows a delay from an initial 2014 release plan, after the game’s initial announcement in 2013, where it was only planned for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at first, followed by another delay from a planned 2015 debut, on account of development being extended to a PC version. It seems however that this year’s delay of The Division will thankfully be the last.

Division - GameplayUbisoft showcased a new demo for The Division at their conference, which yet again demonstrated the tense combat, and highly prioritized focus on co-operating with your allies in the massively online multiplayer environment. A new hook was revealed for the first time however, as it was shown that your teammates can betray you at any time, claiming loot for themselves, and scurrying away after they kill you unexpectedly. Watch your back in the world of The Division! Not everyone can be trusted!

After demonstrating the game again at a third E3 conference in a row, Ubisoft then outlined some details for the previously-confirmed beta of The Division. Players can join a waitlist for a chance to get in, though they’re guaranteed access if they pre-order The Division on any platform. While the PC and PlayStation 4 versions will have betas hosted next year, Xbox One owners will get an earlier beta, which Ubisoft confirmed earlier today at Microsoft’s press conference, rather than their own. Unlike would-be PC and PlayStation 4 players, Xbox One players that gain beta access will have their beta going live this year, rather than next year, giving them the first chance to test the game out ahead of its official public launch next March!

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