Colonize the moon in Ubisoft’s Anno 2205

In a cross between Civilization V: Beyond Earth and SimCity, Ubisoft is looking to redefine the city-building genre with its new title Anno 2205.

The game, due out some time in 2016, lets players create their own futuristic city (we’ll go ahead and guess right now that it’s set in 2205), gather resources and manipulate the environment in an effort to win the space race.

Following that, players are encouraged to colonize our moon and perhaps other planets.

Visuals are very reminiscent of SimCity and while they’re certainly excellent, we’ll hope that the game doesn’t suffer any sort of persistence issues that Maxis’ game had at launch.

Expected next year, Anno 2205 is best described by checking out the trailer and getting pumped for the beautiful, futuristic city simulator.