Ubisoft teases Ghost Recon Wildlands with pre-alpha gameplay

In its usual fashion, Ubisoft has outdone itself by showing off some pre-alpha footage of a game it has had under secret development for a number of years.

CEO Yves Guillemot returned to the stage at the end of Ubisoft’s Press Conference to announce that the company was taking risks from day one and that the final title of the evening would demonstrate that.

He spoke of a group working in absolute secrecy to revolutionize an existing franchise to bring it into the next-generation in a fresh way.

The trailer that followed showed off multiple ways to accomplish a task (in this case, killing White Hat, a notorious drug dealer). The game moved through stealth, sniper, and ambush scenarios, all of which provided different vantage points and ways to accomplish the task.

A montage showed off the massive open world, the variety of transportation, and the multitude of characters in the game.

The audience appeared stumped, no one knew what this game was.


The crowd went wild; Ubisoft has just ushered in the next era of Ghost Recon. Well, assuming it doesn’t go the way of that pre-alpha build of Rainbow Six: Patriots from 2011.