Xenoblade Chronicles X gets Holiday release date

It’s been a long time coming, but the anticipated Wii U follow-up to surprise hit Wii/New 3DS RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles will indeed launch before the end of this year. Nintendo has given Xenoblade Chronicles X a release date for December 4th, 2015, allowing it to come to retail and the Wii U eShop just in time for the Holiday season!

XCX - GameplayXenoblade Chronicles X is already available in Japan, where it released this past April, developed by Nintendo subsidiary, Monolith Soft. The game takes place after humanity is driven from Earth by alien invaders, with the custom player character crash-landing with their crew on the mysterious planet, Mira. With the city of New Los Angeles being founded on Mira to give humanity a new start, players have the entirety of the uncharted planet at their disposal from the very start of the game, allowing them to forge their own story, and discover the enormous game world as they go. This style makes Xenoblade Chronicles X more of a spiritual successor to the original Xenoblade Chronicles, rather than a direct sequel.

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