Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are coming to PlayStation 4

The onslaught of next-gen remasters for fairly recent last-gen games is still continuing. Sony has made a separate announcement via their personal Twitter feed during the E3 chaos, confirming a European press release that Quantic Dream’s two PlayStation 3-exclusive interactive dramas, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain, are set to be re-released on PlayStation 4.

HR - Gameplay ArtVery little information is available about the duo of PlayStation 4 remasters, though it’s presumed that they will have slightly upgraded visuals, likely now running at native 1080p resolution, unlike the 720p cap that the PlayStation 3 often had to settle for. They will also no doubt now have the sharing and streaming capabilities now offered on the PlayStation 4, which obviously wouldn’t be present in the games’ original PlayStation 3 incarnations.

Quantic Dream head, David Cage wished to design Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls as interactive Hollywood-style dramas, with Beyond: Two Souls even boasting some serious Hollywood talent in its lead stars, Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, who lent both their voices and likeness to the lead in-game personalities. Both games were also designed to heavily flex the muscle of the PlayStation 3 upon their release, boasting eerily lifelike visuals and sound. Despite their ambition however, Heavy Rain was the better-embraced game, with Beyond: Two Souls dividing critics and general gamers far more. We reviewed Beyond: Two Souls for its launch in 2013, praising its production values and lead performance by Ellen Page, but also criticizing its dull gameplay and sloppy, convoluted storytelling.

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