Ron Gilbert’s Thimbleweed Park coming to Xbox One, Windows 10

Ron Gilbert took to the stage at Xbox’s Gamescom event to announce that the massively successful Kickstarter game Thimbleweed Park is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 when it launches in 2016.

The game is a spiritual successor to classic LucasArts SCUMM games like Maniac MansionDay of the Tentacle, and The Secret of Monkey Island. It, of course, brings traditional point-and-click adventure gaming to its ridiculously sarcastic, comedic storyline.

There is a wildly detailed game development blog for Thimbleweed Park, in which gamers can get a veritable ton of information about the game during its design. We particularly love that the game could have player input ahead of release; help the team come up with the name of a book or two in Occult Books, a store in the game.