Until Dawn: Rush of Blood officially announced

Until Dawn has proven to be one of this year’s best surprise hit PlayStation 4 exclusives, with its acclaim and sales success surprising even Sony themselves, as they admitted in an interview shortly after the game’s launch. With success like that, it was small wonder that a sequel would be developed eventually, and sure enough, one was recently rumoured, when the name, “Until Dawn: Rush of Blood‘ ended up leaking to the public. Speaking at Paris Games Week 2015 today, developer, Supermassive Games has now finally confirmed the game’s existence.

UD - GameplayThere is a wrinkle however, as Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is not truly a sequel to this past August’s dark horse hit horror game. Instead, it’s an on-rails game, similar to House of the Dead, only with what appears to be less of an emphasis on shooting. The game is being designed exclusively for PlayStation VR as well, and is set in a twisted theme park full of scares.

When previously asked, Supermassive Games denied that it was working on any potential DLC for Until Dawn, despite the game’s success. It would appear that this wasn’t technically a lie however, as Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is not DLC, but instead appears to be a smaller-scale game designed around Sony’s upcoming VR headset. Still, it’s expected that Sony wouldn’t waste time adopting Until Dawn as a recurring PlayStation franchise, considering that many people received the first game so well already.

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