The Rise of the Tomb Raider credits sequence is stunning

Perhaps the most recognizable opening credits sequence of any franchise is that of James Bond films. They’ve got a unique sense of style from one movie to the next, but each of them manage to retain a very James Bond feel.

It seems that Rise of the Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has channeled Bond for the credits to their upcoming game, and we’re the first place you can watch the full sequence.

The opener is the real draw here, as is the stellar audio performance of I Shall Rise by Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), though we have to admit that the switch to the cinematic score around the halfway mark is pretty epic as well.

Oh, and this is spoiler-free as you can access the credits sequence from the main menu before you complete the game. If you want to hear Karen O’s track on its own, head over to her YouTube page.