DC’s Legends of Tomorrow gets premiere date

Warner Bros. Television has let slip early when we can expect the next expansion to The CW’s DC Television Universe, currently shared between Arrow and The Flash (plus animated CW Seed webseries, Vixen). Legends of Tomorrow, an ensemble series uniting guest heroes and villains from both Arrow and The Flash, along with some all-new faces, is officially set to begin airing on Thursday, January 21st, on CTV for us Canadians, and The CW for our American neighbours.

LoT - Footage 1The CW hasn’t formally announced the date, though the announcement comes straight from the president of Warner Bros. Television, who oversees all of the DC Comics-inspired shows, not just on The CW, but on competing networks like FOX, which hosts Batman prequel series, Gotham, and CBS, which hosts the newly-launched Supergirl. Thus, it’s very unlikely that the president of Warner Bros.’ entire TV division is lying, or has his facts wrong. The Thursday placement for the new spin-off series also makes sense, since Gotham and Supergirl have already monopolized Mondays for DC fans, while The CW has already reserved Tuesday for The Flash, and Wednesday for Arrow.

The bigger question is, what’s being ousted from The CW’s Thursday night lineup to make room for Legends of Tomorrow, since The CW already has their primetime Thursday slots filled for the remainder of 2015, by The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. This could be the first definitive proof that The Vampire Diaries is about to be cancelled, since its ratings have declined immensely, and its lead actress left the series after last season. Another possibility is that the even more disastrously-rated Reign might be axed soon, after The CW moved it to Fridays at the start of this season (which is basically tantamount to killing it, as was proven with The Carrie Diaries and Hart of Dixie most recently), with The Vampire Diaries then taking its place on Fridays in 2016. Further adding credence to the speculation that The Vampire Diaries is either going to move or die to accommodate Legends of Tomorrow, is the fact that The Flash and Arrow are both in 8:00-9:00 timeslots, so it would be odd if Legends of Tomorrow was placed in a 9:00-10:00 timeslot instead.LoT - Footage 2

Legends of Tomorrow will springboard from Arrow and The Flash to unite iconic DC superheroes such as Firestorm, The Atom, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, White Canary, and a couple of criminals in Captain Cold and Heat Wave for good measure, as they’re called together by a time traveler from the future named Rip Hunter. Hunter warns of the coming scourge of an immortal warlord named Vandal Savage, whose nefarious plots threaten the fabric of time itself. When heroes alone are not enough to stop Savage, the world must call on Legends to preserve time itself!

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