Pokémon Sun, Moon versions coming tomorrow?

It all seems to be pretty locked down at this point. Nintendo announced that it is hosting a new Pokémon Direct presentation tomorrow, February 26, while some inquisitive minds have found listings for Pokémon Moon and Pokémon Sun versions in the European trademark databases.

While Nintendo has trademarked names in the past that it has decided not to use (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are both games, but Delta Emerald certainly isn’t), there are plenty of reasons this announcement makes sense for tomorrow.

For one thing, the logos found in the European registry (seen below) appear to be final logo designs with a fair amount of polish, whereas the Delta Emerald registry was simply a word mark.


It remains to be seen what the presentation tomorrow will actually reveal, as it is only said to be a five-minute video. If that’s the case, we expect to see a short trailer, perhaps an introduction by longtime series producer and director Junichi Masuda, and an invitation to see the full game reveal at E3 2016.

There are quite a few other unknowns, including where the games will take place (a galactic base wouldn’t be out of the question, would it?), nor what new Pokémon may grace us, bringing the total number of creatures closer to the 800 mark, if not past it.

The most interesting unknown right now is whether or not the game will be a traditional game for 3DS or a console series for the upcoming Nintendo NX, or both. Or, you know, it might be a trademark that Nintendo doesn’t actually use.