Xbox Head Phil Spencer: Uncharted 4 will be a great game

In a move that proves that console wars are really more of a “console preference”, Xbox Head Phil Spencer took to Twitter to explain that video games should be praised if they’re great games, not if they’re only on a certain platform.

When asked about his most anticipated games, Spencer wrote:

A followup from user @Wrath93 told Spencer that he and Xbox should wave the white flag, surrendering to Sony’s PlayStation. The Head of Xbox had an appropriately respectful follow-up:

It’s true. We should all be rooting for video games as a platform. Competition makes everyone work harder and make better games, which means everyone wins. It probably also hurt @Wrath93’s ego to hear the Head of Xbox call him not a real gamer, too. Put him in his place, Phil.

And yes, Uncharted 4 looks awesome.