E3 2016: The Big Games to Watch


horizon-zero-dawn-screen-04-us-15jun15PlayStation VR

While not technically a game, E3 is one of the last major gaming events for Sony to show off its virtual reality platform before its release in October. Expect to see a couple of experiences set in familiar worlds with a new gameplay loop, but also one or two (if they’re lucky) VR titles that Sony will tout as PlayStation VR’s killer app. We’re not sure how the company will be able to properly demo a virtual reality game, but there’s hope that they’ve come up with something exciting to entice consumers at those in attendance at E3.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Every once in a while, a new game concept comes along that intrigues audiences while also makes a statement about something important. At E3 2015, Guerrilla Games showed off the first trailer and gameplay of their new IP, Horizon: Zero Dawn. In it, a Lara Croft-esque, bow-wielding, badass femme fatale took on animal enemies that have a sort of technological component to their biology. The game was later to be revealed to be a commentary on the environment and our planet and what life may be like in hundreds of years or in an alternate universe. Whatever the truth is, the game looks stunning, and we expect to see more of its gameplay elements at E3 in two weeks.

The Last Guardian

Last year, Sony Computer Entertainment America President and CEO Shawn Layden came on stage to show off The Last Guardian, much to the audience’s surprise and delight. The game received critical acclaim, and while we got to see a decent chunk of gameplay, we expect 2016 to be the year that the game is shown off in all its playable glory, assuming it’s going to hit its 2016 launch date.

171184Detroit: Become Human

When Quantic Dream’s Kara tech demo hit the web in 2012, much like last year’s Horizon: Zero Dawn, it made a bold statement about the life we live. The Kara project, it was revealed last year, has since evolved from just a tech demo into a full fledged game, now known as Detroit: Become Human. Currently without a release date, we expect to get a new glimpse at this game at the PlayStation Press Conference, though, if Quantic Dream’s past development cycles are any indication, we won’t see the game in stores until 2017.

With the release date of No Man’s Sky pushed to August, Sony may choose to highlight the game at E3 again this year, shifting the conversation away from the delay and towards the hype train. PlayStation VR will of course take up a bunch of booth space on the show floor, while Ubisoft will likely choose to show off one of their new titles on the Sony stage. Similar to last year, we’re predicting that the Vita falls by the wayside as the focus moves away from Sony’s handheld efforts (or lack thereof), and towards their console and virtual reality platform.

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