Watch Dogs 2 DLC is officially coming to PlayStation 4 first, again

Ubisoft rounded off their E3 press conference this year with an extended gameplay showcase surrounding upcoming and highly anticipated hacktivist sequel, Watch Dogs 2. The demo showed off new protagonist, Marcus Holloway using his improvised weapons, improved hacker abilities that can even utilize people themselves as distractions, and spying on environments from a distance using a spy drone. A firefight even broke out to demonstrate some improved combat and gunplay elements! These mechanics and this charismatic protagonist, combined with the new, brighter and more cheery San Francisco setting, seem to all around point to an improved sequel in Watch Dogs 2.

WD2 - Promo Art Depending on your opinion of the original Watch Dogs getting in bed with Sony for exclusive missions and priority DLC in the game’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions however, the announcement for Watch Dogs 2’s DLC plans might thrill or annoy you. As with the original Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs 2 is coming with a timed exclusivity deal with Sony over the DLC, and this means that, not only is the PlayStation 4 version of Watch Dogs 2 going to be front-and-center in the game’s marketing (all of the demos shown have already exclusively been of the PlayStation 4 build), but any and all DLC made for Watch Dogs 2 will come to PlayStation 4 a full thirty days before it arrives on PC and Xbox One.

Currently, the DLC selection for Watch Dogs 2 is unknown, though you can pay a bit of extra money to secure the game’s Gold Edition if you wish, which will score you the game’s Season Pass to go with your copy of the game. Regardless of what you decide, keep accessing Eggplante for all major news and updates on Watch Dogs.