BioWare reveals its new IP, Anthem; Shows short teaser

Those who’ve been eager to learn more about BioWare’s new IP will unfortunately have to wait until tomorrow’s Microsoft press conference for details. Today hasn’t been a complete loss on this front, however, as Electronic Arts took a couple of minutes to briefly tease and showcase the new game during its own presser.

Known as Anthem, the Canadian developer’s next project is looking like it could end up being something noteworthy. I say that, because although its teaser was short, it did a good job of creating a lot of intrigue.

As mentioned above, details are almost nonexistent at this point. That said, there were some notable things that we were able to pick out of the teaser trailer, which we’ve embedded above for your viewing pleasure.

First, there’s the settlement, which may act as our main hub during gameplay. Walled off and full of those living in fear, it’s presented as humanity’s last line of defense against the terror that exists beyond. By that, I mean at least one species of hulking and hideous monsters, which looks like it could do quite a bit of damage if given the chance.

The scared and hiding civilians are not without their own means of offensive action, however, as it seems that they have a fleet of powerful mech suits at their disposal. How these things work, what they’re made of and how powerful they are remains to be seen and discovered, though.

Here’s hoping Microsoft, EA and BioWare will provide us with a heap of jaw dropping details tomorrow, because Anthem is awfully intriguing.