Days Gone showed why it’s noteworthy at E3 2017

In Days Gone, America’s Pacific Northwest has been taken over by flesh-eating zombies called Freakers. To survive this epidemic, men and women have teamed up to start camps, while adapting the clan mentality that makes almost everyone else a potential enemy. In this post-apocalyptic mayhem we find Deacon St. John, a motorcycle club officer who takes it upon himself to make a difference.

Tonight brought with it a more than seven minute long gameplay walkthrough, which made its debut at E3 and has since been uploaded to YouTube. It focuses in on one specific in-game mission, wherein Deacon sets off on his motorcycle in an effort to save a friend and ally from an enemy encampment, where he’s being tortured.

Along the way the motorcycle boss encounters deranged wolves, before a perfectly placed tripwire sends him flying and its two owners come out of the woodwork to finish him off. They don’t know who they’re messing with, though, and end up being slaughtered in visceral fashion. After that, an on-foot trek to the camp’s boundaries begins, and what follows is a sight to behold, as a well placed bear trap and some quiet movements combine to create a chain reaction that unleashes a large horde of Freakers onto the camp.

Days Gone resembles The Last of Us in some respects, but it’s a different game which will surely be badass in its own ways. I wasn’t sure of what to expect from it going into E3, but I’ve come away impressed with how beautiful it looks and how impressive its gameplay is.

Bend Studio has been hard at work on this game since 2015, but it still doesn’t have a release date of any sort.