Detroit: Become Human introduces Jesse Williams’ Marcus

Little is truly known about Detroit: Become Human, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t seen footage, more of which appeared this weekend at E3 2017. It’s just the gameplay details, in-depth plot information and character back stories that are currently unavailable.

This weekend’s new look at Quantic Dream’s latest (which was spurned off from its 2012 “Kara” tech demo) introduces us to Marcus, who will act as the game’s third confirmed playable character. What’s also noteworthy is the fact that this new member of the androids-in-revolt team will be played by and modeled after Grey’s Anatomy star, Jesse Williams, who should do a good job with the role.

Funnily enough, some folks who recognized Williams tweeted the actor with coverage of the game and other queries, some of which he ended up re-tweeting. All that he would say about the game, however, was that, “It goes down in Detroit.”

Thank for that, sir. It was incredibly informative. (I jest, because he’s surely dealing with a strict non-disclosure agreement.)

What we do know about Detroit: Become Human is that it will feature branching paths, multiple playable characters and the potential for character deaths based on player decisions. This is a Quantic Dream game after all, which means that your choices will matter. Going further, from what was shown in above trailer, we’ve gathered that there’s a rift between androids and humans, with the androids wanting to rise up and attack those who made them by targeting specific stores. However, whether that’s 100% correct remains to be seen.

A release date has not been announced.