Middle-Earth: Shadow of War highlights its nemesis system at E3 2017

After delaying the game until October 10th, those behind Middle-Earth: Shadow of War took to Microsoft’s E3 2017 presentation with a new look at their sequel’s advanced nemesis system. More specifically, the way in which players will be able to dominate the world’s orcs and turn them into allies for the greater good.

With a seven minute long gameplay trailer, Monolith Productions showcased Shadow of War in visceral detail, all the while focusing on this enhanced nemesis system. To start, they showed a battle between two orcs, which ended rather quickly before our hero jumped in to take on the victor and turn him to the good side. This wasn’t as easy as just saying a few words, though, and required some badass battling followed by help from the Bright Lord’s magic.

Through this, Talion’s goal was to build a powerful army that could help him lay siege to another heinous orc’s stronghold. However, en route to his goal, he was ambushed by a foe he thought he had killed, which forced him into an unexpected battle for his life.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is looking good, and will hopefully blow us away this fall.