Starlink: Battle for Atlas is Ubisoft Toronto’s new IP, and it has toys

Ubisoft’s Toronto studio has been hard at work on a new IP, which has come to light at this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Entitled Starlink: Battle for Atlas, it’s a space combat and exploration game that combines toys with ship-based, on-screen action.

What you absolutely need to know about this game is that it’s another toys-to-life title, meaning that the genre apparently isn’t dead outside of LEGO Dimensions. As such, those who pick it up will need to purchase toys (or digital versions of them) in order to get the full experience. These accessories won’t just be made up of new pilots, but also different ships and various types of weaponry that can be added to them. Each ship will have two attach slots, which will allow you to add and subtract different elemental weapons, such as ice missiles and a lava cannon. All of these things will be available for purchase digitally, though, meaning that you won’t be forced to buy and store physical toys and attachments if you don’t want to.

With Starlink: Battle for Atlas, players can look forward to a non-linear experience, wherein (at this point in time) four different ships can be used to explore seven different planets at one’s own discretion. Kids can also team up with a friend, through split-screen co-op, in order to take down the evildoers who are threatening the Atlas star system.

Check back for more on Ubisoft’s first toys-to-life experiment as it develops further.