Middle-Earth: Shadow of War introduces the Terror tribe

It feels safe to suggest that Monolith’s number one goal was to make the world of Middle-Earth feel more alive in Shadow of War. After all, it’s pretty obvious given how many of the sequel’s trailers and behind-the-scenes videos have focused on the orcs and the Nemesis System that makes them feel alive.

With its latest of many videos, the developer has chosen to focus on and introduce us to the Terror tribe: a faction that specializes in spreading fear amongst its enemies and throughout Mordor as a whole. You see, in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War the orcs will now be part of different tribes, with this one being the most disturbing and evil of the bunch.

What you can expect from this very short glimpse is some rather bloody and downright visceral gameplay footage mixed in with black backed text and crude drawings befitting a shock or arthouse horror movie. It’s definitely worth the watch, as what’s shown is pretty impressive even if it’s brief.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will be released this October. Stay tuned for more coverage, including our incredibly detailed review.