Far Cry 5 gets an extended demo in honour of Gamescom

In celebration of this week’s Gamescom expo, Ubisoft Montreal has released a stunningly updated gameplay demo for Far Cry 5.

An extended take on what was shown at E3, this lengthened look at the game’s open world shenanigans is sure to please. In fact, it’s so damned good-looking that it’s hard for us to watch, knowing that we’re not going to be able to go hands on until early 2018.

Coming in at almost eight-and-a-half minutes in length, this narrated demo (which contains the voices of Associate Producer Philippe Fournier and Script Writer Marri Knadle) is chock full of badassdom. From visceral firefights to big rig chaos, there’s lots to love, especially when the combine and float plane both come into play. We won’t say more, though, in an effort to avoid spoiling the fun.

Combat isn’t the only thing that’s highlighted herein, though, as the developers also take some time to explore what this part of Fall’s End, Montana has to offer. This includes some neat-looking fishing, encounters with many kinds of wildlife and time spent with our hero’s canine best friend. That is, a dog who can tag, attack or confuse enemies, or even play fetch with their guns and ammunition.

Far Cry 5 can’t get here soon enough, but it seems that we’ll have to wait until February 27th of next year before we’ll be able to play it.